Mary Mother Of Jesus Departs After The Crucifixion

After Jesus was apprehended by the soldiers of the high priest most of the disciples fled for fear of their own life. The few that remained for part of the trial disappeared immediately thereafter. That is all except the disciple referred to only as “the disciple whom Jesus loved”. Scholars generally believe that this disciple is John – also referred to as the beloved disciple. (1)

3 Marys Witness The Crucifixion Of Jesus

The beloved disciple was there in the courtyard of Annas and Caiaphas during the trial. And it was John alone, who stood with his mother and his mother’s sister, Mary the wife of Clopas, and Mary Magdalene (John 19:25) near the crucified Jesus. It was then that Jesus handed custody of his mother to John who reportedly took her away to spare her the agony of watching her son during his last moments.

3 Marys 2

Mary Magdalene and 2 other Marys at the cross

John is said to have stood close enough to the cross together with Mary the mother of Jesus and the other women to be able to talk to Jesus and hear what he said to him and his mother (2).

Jesus looked at his mother and his beloved disciple who stood close to her and told her “Woman, here is your son.” Then he addressed his disciple “Here is your mother.” And from that hour the disciple took her into his own home.’ John 19:26-27 (English Standard Version)

Mary Goes Away To Ephesus In Turkey

After the crucifixion of Jesus, Mary goes away to Ephesus in Turkey. The origin of this tradition is the gospel of John who wrote his narratives from there. According to the other evangelists the relatives of Jesus stand at a distance. It is only John who has Jesus speaking to them in spite of the fact that the dying Jesus was in no position to communicate and nor were the relatives close enough to hear what he spoke if indeed he did speak to them.

Virgin Mary’s house in Ephesus

Virgin Mary’s House in Ephesus

Another tradition has Mary remaining in Jerusalem because this is where her son or step-son James remained and possibly the other members of Jesus’ family (3).

What happened to Mary mother of Jesus after the crucifixion will remain a perpetual enigma.

However the veneration of Mary became a significant issue from the very inception of Christianity. The idea that Mary went up to heaven bodily was accepted by the majority of Christians as historical fact.

And yet some Christians contended that Mary died a natural death and that her tomb is in Jerusalem’s valley of Jehoshaphat according to some and according to others in the Roman ruins of Ephesus in Turkey. After an investigation of both these sites, the Vatican decided that there was no historical evidence to support either claim.

However there is yet another theory

In his book “The Marian Conspiracy” Graham Phillips follows a trail of historical clues that takes him from “the Vatican to Jerusalem and from Turkey to the British Isles”. His search led Graham to unearth intriguing evidence of what actually happened to Mary after the crucifixion of Jesus.

Graham revealed that according to a fourth-century manuscript still in the possession of the Vatican, that during the persecution of the first Christians, Mary was smuggled out of Palestine to a place that was Christian and beyond the influence of the Roman Empire in distant Britain.

The Marion Conspiracy Of Silence Has Continued For 1400 Years

In AD 597, St Augustine, the first Archbishop of Canterbury, uncovered evidence of the existence of Mary’s tomb on an island off the west coast of Britain. He immediately reported it to Rome. However the then reigning pope, Gregory the Great, immediately initiated a conspiracy of silence that continued for 1400 years.

In The Marian Conspiracy, Graham Phillips reveals the centuries-old ecclesiastical cover-up and learns about what may be the final resting place of the Mary mother of Jesus – beside a holy spring at Llanerchymedd on the Welsh island of Anglesey (4).

There Are 3 Competing Sites For The Final Resting Place Of Mary Mother Of Jesus

Now we have three competing sites for the final resting place for the mother of Jesus: Jerusalem’s valley of Jehosaphat, in the Roman ruins of Ephesus in Turkey and Llanerchymedd on the Welsh island of Anglesey. Was she buried in one of these three places or was she entombed elsewhere?

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Picture Credits

(Fig 1)Mary Magdalene and 2 other Marys at the cross

(Fig 2) Virgin Mary’s House in Ephesus


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