Jesus’ Crown Of Thorns – A Thorny Issue

According to the Bible Roman soldiers placed a crown of thorns on the head of Jesus during his crucifixion to mock him.

Since then the crown of thorns has been the subject of several legends.


(Fig 1) Crown of thorns

The following two are among the more significant:

The original crown of thorns is said to be kept at the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. Although the crown cannot be authenticated it is revered and displayed for veneration on the first Friday of every month and on every Friday during the Lenten season. (1)

Another legend has it that there is a hawthorn tree in Glastonbury (England) popularly known as the Glastonbury Thorn. This hawthorn tree blooms twice a year (once in winter and then in spring) unlike ordinary hawthorn trees that bloom only once a year.


(Fig 2) Glastonbury Thorn

Since the 17th century story has it that the Holy Thorn was brought to Glastonbury by Joseph of Arimathea. It is said that the tree grew out of a thorn taken by Joseph from the original Crown of Thorns. (2)

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Picture credits:

(Fig 1) Crown of Thorns

(2) Glastonbury Thorn


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