Gospel Of Jesus’ Wife

Did Jesus Have A Wife?

Karen King a professor at Harvard Divinity School announced in September 2013 professor announced the existence of a Coptic gospel text on a papyrus fragment that contained the words “Jesus said to them, ‘My wife . . .’ “. The Christian world was astounded. This meant that the Church would have to take another look at traditional beliefs because of this radical revelation.

Gospel of Jesus' wife
(Fig 1)

However shortly thereafter Christian Askeland—a Coptic specialist at Indiana Wesleyan University trashed the so called “Gospel of Jesus’ Wife” papyrus a fake. Others who studied the fragment criticized the fragment as “sloppily reworked from a 2002 online PDF of the Coptic Gospel of Thomas and even repeated a typographical error”.

But that did not settle the controversy. Some of Professor King’s defenders “attest to the papyrus’s authenticity”. The New York Times newspaper summed up the conclusion of some of those who studied the papyrus saying that “the ink and papyrus are very likely ancient, and not a modern forgery.”

Nevertheless other scholars are convinced that the papyrus is a fake. But the issue is far from closed and the debate will perhaps go on inconclusively for a long time to come.

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Picture Credit:
The Gospel of Jesus’ wife http://apicciano.commons.gc.cuny.edu/files/2014/04/Jesus-Wife.jpg


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