Was Jesus In Britain During The Missing Years?

There Is An Eighteen Year Gap In The Story Of Jesus

There is no mention in the Bible about what happened to Jesus during the missing years. Did Jesus spend these missing years in Britain?

Glastonbury Summerland
(Fig 1) The Glastonbury Summer land

CC Dobson author of the book “Did Our Lord Visit Britain” thinks so. Dobson says that as a boy Jesus went to Glastonbury with Joseph of Arimathea on one of his business voyages. Dobson also claims that Jesus later returned there to study, pray and meditate. He says that Jesus built himself a small house of mud and wattles there.

Tradition also has it that in a letter to Pope Gregory St. Augustine states that these was a church constructed either by the hand of Jesus or by divine labor or by the hands of Jesus himself for the salvation of mankind.

The following is also shown as evidence for Jesus having spent his youth in England by the historian Gildas. He said Jesus’ “Light and precepts” were “afforded…to this island during the …last year of the reign of Tiberius”. Tiberius retired in A.D 27 to Caprae.

In his writings William of Malmesbury included the contents of a letter given by King Ina to Glastonbury in A.D 700. The letter states “To the ancient church, situate in the place called Glastonbury (which Church the Great High Priest and Chiefest Minister formerly through His own ministry, and that of angels…..” This supports Gildas’ claim that Jesus had a ministry in Glastonbury.

King Arviragus is said to have given 12 hides (160 acres of land to Joseph pf Arimathea when he went to England in A.D 37. By a special exemption tax was never levied on this parcel of land. This is mentioned in historical records called the Domesday Surveys. (1)

Legends of Jesus’ travel to Britain are also mentioned in the Arthurian legends. William Blake’s early 19th century poem “And did those feet in ancient time” was motivated by stories of Jesus’ travel to Britain.

The Chalice Well
(Fig 2) The Chalice Well

The Chalice Well in Glastonbury Tor is cited as proof of Joseph of Arimathea”s visit to Britain.

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