So What If Jesus Was A Married Man?

Jesus And Mary Magdalene – The Royal Bloodline

Mary Magdalene is said to be the bearer of the Holy Grail. In old French the word sangraal was commonly accepted to mean the Holy Grail. But when the word is split in two again in old French it means royal blood. When tradition states that Mary Magdalene took the Holy Grail with her to France in A.D. 42 some claim that it actually meant she took the royal blood with her.


(Fig 1) The dark complexioned daughter of Mary Magdalene

Another line of interpretation was that Jesus and Mary Magdalene married and that the union of two royal bloodlines – Jesus from the house of King David and Mary Magdalene from the royal House of Benjamin.

The political fallout of this union could have resulted in the crucifixion of Jesus. The coming together of these two royal bloodlines could have given the oppressed Jews of that time new hope of a Jewish uprising and the reestablishment of Jewish kings.

The story of this union of royal bloodlines does not end there. According to some the story continues in the town of Les Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer, France. In this town, in the Shrine of Sainte Sara la Kali, between May 23 – 25 is celebrated the feast of St. Sarah also known as La Sara Kali.

shrine of Sarah

(Fig 2) The Shrine of Saint Sara la Kali

It is said that that in A.D. 42 Mary Magdalene arrived there with a 12 year old dark complexioned daughter Sarah. This child Sarah – which in Hebrew means princess – is said to be the daughter born to Jesus and Mary Magdalene. Joseph of Arimathea was said to be the protector of the Sangraal which was interpreted by some as the womb of Mary Magdalene.

Legend has it that the appearance La Sara Kali in France resulted in the continuation of the royal bloodline in the form of the Merovingian dynasty. It is also said that from the fifth to the eighth centuries Merovingian kings ruled Europe. It is also claimed that most of the rulers of Europe from the Middle Ages onward were Merovingians. (2)

According to some accounts it appears that in A.D. 679, the Roman Catholic Church joined forces with the Carolingian dynasty to assassinate and remove the Merovingian King Dagobert.

Not everyone agrees with the Sarah stories. There are claims that this account about Sarah is nothing but a “pious tale”.

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(Fig 1) The dark complexioned daughter of Mary Magdalene…74303.74303.0.75639.….0…1ac.2.64.img..0.0.0.Zpk4vGtVOiI#imgrc=_p-acdL-ocsW2M%3A

(Fig 2) The Shrine of Sainte Sara la Kali






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