After retiring in 2006 I have written two fictions “A Tricycle With Two Wheels” and “Beyond Mountains” for which I am looking for publishers. I have written a few short stories some of which have appeared in World City Stories, Story Star, Four Quarters, The Reading Hour, Indian Review, Indian Ruminations and eFiction.

However since 2010 I have been intrigued by two questions:

Could the Talpiot Tomb be the family tomb of Jesus?

Could the so called James Ossuary be the ossuary of James the brother of Jesus?

Then in 2012 I read an article about the acquittal of Oded Golan (the owner of the James Ossuary) in a case in which he was accused of forging the inscription “James son of Joseph brother of Jesus” on this ossuary.

After that I began to study sheaves of research relating to these topics, asking questions and trying to find answers.

My findings are what I present in my blogs.

The intention is not to rock the boat.

However while assessing the claims that the Talpiot Tomb is the family tomb of Jesus and that the James Ossuary is the ossuary of the brother of Jesus I have crossed minefields of controversies and raised uncomfortable questions about some of the established tenets of Christianity.

In my blogs, wherever possible, I have presented arguments for and against these claims. In some cases I may have arrived at conclusions. Even though these conclusions are based on studies and the information gathered over several years, it must be said that little of it is iron clad. Eventually it is for readers to draw their own conclusions.

Even though there is no historical or archaeological evidence, no one in the civilized world would deny that Jesus of Nazareth existed some 2000 years ago. Since then he has been perceived differently by different people. To some he is a holy man, to others he is a messiah and probably even the Son of God. But to the vast majority he is God himself. How the reader perceives him is personal and subjective.

All the materials presented in my blogs are researched and I have given the relevant references.

S. P. Lazarus


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